Opera and music lovers around the world donate to the Kiri Te Kanawa Foundation to support Dame Kiri’s work with talented young singers. Donations of any size are always welcome.


Opera and music lovers around the world donate to the Kiri Te Kanawa Foundation to support Dame Kiri’s work with young singers who have exceptional potential. Donations of any size are always welcome.

“ As a sponsor of ventures in music and the arts, I often get requests for support from young singers who are seeking to further their studies abroad. In the past I have had to make decisions about who to offer support to and for what purposes – decisions that are difficult for me to make without proper advice. I was therefore delighted when Dame Kiri invited me to work with her through her Foundation to make decisions about the kind of support best suited to emerging opera singer’s needs.

Singers who receive the Foundation’s support cannot only count on Dame Kiri’s mentoring and advice, but also benefit from guidance from other world-class singers and voice coaches – an experience I was able to witness first-hand when I had the chance to spend a day watching a number of young singers working with Dame Kiri and some of her colleagues. So by contributing to the Kiri Te Kanawa Foundation I was able to provide support that has a much greater impact than anything I could offer on my own.”

Professor Jack Richards
Foundation Patron

Making a donation

Donations to the Foundation of any size are always welcome and very important for the continued support of the singers identified with exceptional potential. All are focused on creating international careers. Regular contributions are particularly important.

The Kiri Te Kanawa Foundation is a registered charitable trust (CC34307) which offer a range of opportunities to support their work. New Zealanders who make donations to the Foundation can claim 33⅓% rebate up to a maximum equal to their annual taxable income. Donations can be directly credited to the Foundation’s account or by cheque posted to the Foundation. donations form.



What better way to leave a legacy for music than by making a bequest to the Kiri Te Kanawa Foundation? Leaving a gift in your will is one way to make the type of gift that you may not be able to make during your lifetime. It is a simple procedure that allows you to include the Foundation as a beneficiary of your will. Bequests are usually directed to the Foundation for use at the trustee’s discretion but they can also be directed towards a specific need such as a music scholarship for a talented singer identified by the trustees as meeting all the required criteria.

If you’d like to discuss this matter further or would like a copy of sample language for your lawyer please contact the Foundation office – (64)(9) 5349398;