Singers to listen for

Earlier this year the Kiri Te Kanawa Foundation, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Wellington, hosted a very special concert at St Andrews on the Terrace in Wellington. John...

Two great antipodean sopranos have much in common

With Melbourne’s magnificent Cranlana estate bathed in the first sunlight of spring, the stage was set for a master class with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and the singers from Australia’s...

Singers supported by the Kiri Te Kanawa Foundation

Messages from our foundation singers - Jonathan Abernethy

2016 has been a strange and exciting year for me; I performed my first Messiah with Sydney Philharmonia Choirs at the Sydney Opera House before starting back with Opera...

Messages from our foundation singers - Anthony Schneider

This is my final year at the Academy of Vocal Arts, and I’m very excited about the musical opportunities coming my way.

Messages from our foundation singers - Edward Laurenson

The colder days are setting in, temperatures have started to drop quite sharply and the sunshine is slowly disappearing, as I head into my third year in London.